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Noise be gone: two Deity S-Mic 2 shotgun mics

noide reduction with 2 deity s-mic 2 shotgun microphones

An article from a company that’s active in VoIP, video conferencing, etc and a recording that was ruined because an ambulance and police car drove by made me think about noise cancellation using two microphones instead of complex machine-learning algorithms. Could it be that, if you use two identical microphones with good off-axis rejection, you can achieve better noise reduction?

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You create entirely new vocal sounds or improve them with iZotope’s Nectar 3

iZotope nectar 3 review

Vocal sound improvement and alteration are the strengths of iZotope’s Nectar plug-in. Version 3 has a spectacular new interface design with more intuitive controls and new features. For dialogues, Nectar 3 gives your recordings more presence or lets you change spoken content by changing pitch, adding delays and reverb or turn your vocal into a horror experience.

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