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RX 6 Advanced

Workflow to make the audio for your movie sound the best with iZotope RX 6 and Ozone 8

If you are recording audio separately when shooting a documentary, interview or movie, chances are you’ll not only have to synchronise it with the footage but also edit your audio to make it sound perfect in post production. The two apps I use for this are the iZotope RX 6 Advanced Audio Editor and the Ozone 8 mastering suite. To be honest, my workflow will only work well with one or two microphones. If you’re recording a classical concert, you may have more than two mics set up to record audio from different parts of an orchestra. You might also be preparing a soundtrack CD from multiple recordings. That’s not the audio post production I’m covering here as those also require careful mixing. Mixing is less of an issue when you’re recording an interview or a commentary to go with a documentary, for example. What I’m going to discuss is how I optimise such recordings. To create a good sounding audio file, you’ll have to record at a high enough gain. If your gain levels …

iRig Pre HD

IK Multimedia iRig Pre HD is a good and inexpensive mic pre-amp

A microphone pre-amp is meant to amplify your mic’s signal, not to introduce its own noise and artefacts into the recorded results. You need a mic pre because your microphone has a signal that’s too weak to be captured by a recorder. A preamplifier boosts the signal to a standard line level, which all recorders can capture. The IK Multimedia iRig Pre HD is such a pre-amp. It costs around €100, which is really very, very cheap. But is it any good? I tested the iRig Pre HD by comparing its results with those of my trusted Apogee Duet iPad/Mac. For my tests I made voice recordings only, so everything you read here refers to vocal sound, nothing else. But first the hardware. As with all IK Multimedia hardware, the iRig Pre HD is made of one of the strongest types of plastic. As a result it weighs next to nothing, even with the two AA batteries installed. The device itself fits in the palm of your hand and has only two input controls. The …

Verbatim and the M-DISC 100GB BDXL

Verbatim is the only manufacturer of optical media that makes dependable media. Even as they’re well over a decade old, their Archival Grade recordable DVDs and their recordable Blu-ray discs can still be burned and read without a glitch. I tested their M-DISC Blu-Ray disc that can hold a whopping 100GB.

Preparing your Atomos Master caddies for easier and quicker removal from a Shogun/Ninja Flame/Inferno

Atomos’ latest Ninja and Shogun monitor/recorders are pretty awesome, but if there’s one thing the company should work on it’s the way you have to remove your master caddies from the recorder. I can relate to the need for the caddy to sit really tight when recording, but they should be made in such a way that you don’t have to press so hard you risk damaging the top surface when trying to pry them from the unit.