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crucial iMac RAM SODIMM

How much memory do you need in a 5K Retina iMac for anything from writing to video production?

Apple fills up their iMacs with far too little memory to be useful, so the first thing you want to do when you buy a new machine is think about installing additional memory. Apple’s memory isn’t cheap and iMacs – apart from the iMac Pro – can easily be upgraded after having purchased one with the standard 8GB installed. The question is how much you need to buy, given that even third-party RAM like that of Crucial isn’t for free. It all depends on what you plan out to do with your new iMac.

The ultimate colour grading plugin for Final Cut Pro X: CoreMelt Chromatic

Turning Final Cut Pro X into a grading application a la Da Vinci Resolve is what Chromatic, CoreMelt’s latest plugin sets out to do. It succeeds pretty well by cramming a lot of functionality into this full-blown colour grading solution. It’s the only plugin that delivers the ability to select colour ranges right in the clip viewer, but to appreciate its power to the fullest, a lowly iMac such as mine won’t do.

Telestream’s Switch video Player/Inspector lives up to its promise

Only last month did Telestream release Switch, a new professional video player with a full-blown Inspector and Export module. Switch shows you all of the parameters a video has, including actually recorded bitrate and clean aperture size, and has the capability to modify most of these parameters. That’s what sets it apart from other players. It also lets you play movies like a pro.

Look Converter and LUT Utility for 3D LUT colour grading in Final Cut Pro X

A 3D Look Up Table (LUT) strictly spoken is a colour management tool originally meant to bridge the differences between a digital workstation’s colour representation and movie film emulsions. Today, a 3D LUT is a full-scale colour grading component. The only problem is that not that many video editors support 3D LUTs while there aren’t that many 3D LUT management applications either. Look Converter therefore is a godsend for everyone who wants to create creative 3D LUTs, while LUT Utility is needed for using LUTs in Final Cut Pro X “natively”.

FxFactory plug-in Hawaiki Color enables colour grading inside Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X has a colour grading module, but the interface is non-standard and the capabilities are pretty basic. One FxFactory plug-in that tries to fix this is Hawaiki Color. It’s a plug-in that uses the traditional but familiar interface elements for colour grading: colour wheels and sliders, combined with numeric configuration fields. It extends colour grading inside Final Cut Pro X beyond the basics and is great to work with.

Final Cut Library Manager: review

Working with Final Cut Pro X 10.1.x is a joy. There is one thing, however, that I don’t like that much: its built-in asset management system that was built on what used to be Final Cut Server. This DAM module enables you to manage your projects and events. With Final Cut Pro X 10.1, the system was reviewed and Libraries that hold everything together were introduced. But managing Libraries inside an editor with many windows and viewers is not efficient. Arctic Whiteness seems to have the solution: Final Cut Library Manager 2.