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iRig PowerBridge

iRig PowerBridge charges your iPad while you record audio

To avoid your iOS device being drained by an iRig Pro or one of IK Multimedia’s other iRig devices, you need some sort of power solution. iRig PowerBridge is IK Multimedia’s own solution to the problem. It’s a tiny power/data splitter that sits in-between your device and the iRig device. It delivers power to the iPad or iPhone as well as to the iRig device you’re using.

iRig PRO audio interface as an external audio recorder for your video

iRig PRO is a compact audio and MIDI interface you can use with XLR-microphones, a guitar and bass, a keyboard and other line-level sources and MIDI controllers. It features an XLR and 1/4″ combo jack for connecting microphones and instruments, and a MIDI input for plugging in a controller. I was very curious to know if this small box would have the quality you need when shooting video with an external audio interface. Traditionally, this would mean using a Zoom H4n sound recorder, but if you have an iPad, an iRig PRO could do the job as well.

melodyne 4 studio

Melodyne 4 manipulates notes, overtones and tracks to sculpt sound

Celemony has recently released Melodyne 4, a significant upgrade of its audio software. It’s the most extensive update to the entire product family so far and the emphasis lies on the most feature-complete version, Melodyne 4 studio. New features include the Sound Editor, which has totally new sound design capabilities, DNA (Direct Note Access) on an unlimited number of tracks, and extremely accurate tempo detection. Melodyne 4 studio is a 64-bit app, running as a stand-lone application or a plug-in within your DAW. I tested Melodyne 4 studio with Logic Pro X and on its own.

Ctrl+ Console

Jog, shuttle and edit in FCPX with Ctrl+Console, a control surface on the iPad

If you want to control Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro, or any other application that can be controlled with a jog wheel, you’ll need to buy a controller like the Tangent Wave control surface or even a Contour Design Shuttle Pro/Express. The former is expensive and only viable if you’re a professional, while the latter doesn’t allow for smooth shuttling. Owners of an iPad, however, are in luck: CTRL+Console is an iPad/Mac solution that lets your iPad work as a controller surface for applications running on your Mac.