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Review of the Panasonic BQ-CC65 flagship battery charger

Panasonic BQ-CC65 flagship battery charger review

Panasonic BQ-CC65 flagship battery chargerPanasonic sent me their brand new flagship charger for AA and AAA NiMH cells, the BQ-CC65. The new charger is black, has a large LCD screen and several modes to get your batteries in pristine condition. The BQ-CC65 is the best charger to charge and recharge your Eneloop cells. The first thing that struck me when I opened the box the BQ-CC65 came in, was the size of the charger. It’s quite big when compared to the older BQ-CC16 Smart chargers. It has a large blue LCD screen and – a first for Panasonic’s chargers – a 5V/1A USB port. You can’t charge batteries when you’re charging an iPhone or an iPod, so when you plug in a USB device, charging will stop. As I don’t think you’ll be buying the BQ-CC65 for USB output in the first place, I don’t take this to be a minus. The BQ-CC65 has three buttons: Refresh, Display and USB Out. You can load from one to four AA or AAA cells in the unit. …

Powertraveller Mini-G: great robust battery for outdoors powering of two 5V devices at once

Powertraveller is renewing its robust Li-Ion battery range that is suitable for any type of environment. It released an upgrade to the Powergorilla, making this device 24,000mAh strong instead of the 22,000mAh older models were capable of. The recent release of the brand new Mini-G that is rated at 12,000mAh is the start of a flatter, more lightweight and newly designed offering.

Hahnel Modus 600RT review

Hahnel’s first entry in the speedlight market has resulted in the release of the Modus 600RT, which has a guide number of 60 and a shortest flash duration of 1/20,000. This flash is sold in three versions: the flash by itself, the flash together with a Viper TTL radio transmitter and finally, two flashes with the Viper TTL. I received the second version to try out the new product.

Elgato Eve Degree is a cute indoors/outdoors temperature/humidity/air pressure monitor

The Elgato EVE family of products has been expanded with a new, beautifully designed temperature and humidity monitor. Its rounded square design, aluminium bezel and black glossy face make it an asset to anyone even remotely interested in contemporary design. It’s efficient too, showing you the temperature and humidity on its LCD screen. As a bonus, you can also see and record the air pressure in the iOS EVE app.

Power your video equipment with a RIVER

RIVER, a 500W-rated, 5.5kg portable charging station, back-up generator and emergency battery developed and designed by EcoFlow, can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Li-Ion battery can be recharged via solar charger, car charger or wall charger. The latter two are included when you buy a RIVER. The new device, which is slated to begin shipping in June, is a dream for documentary makers.

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Panasonic eneloop pro batteries: real-world tests

In December of last year, I received Panasonic’s press release announcing their European photo contest that revolves around eneloop batteries. The prize to be given away for the ‘WINTER’ theme currently running (February 3, 2016 with a winner to be announced on April first) is a Panasonic action cam HX-A1 and two sets of “eneloop pro” rechargeable batteries with a CC16 charger (For those who missed the WINTER photo contest, the eneloop ‘SPRING’ photo challenge has recently been launched on The eneloop pro battery is recommended for use in extreme low temperatures (-20 degrees Celsius) and for demanding devices, such as photo strobe speedlights. Reason enough to try these new eneloop batteries and see for myself how good they actually are.