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Review of the ToughTech Secure m3 encrypted external disk drive

CRU ToughTech Secure m3 Review

The ToughTech Secure m3 is an external, 2.5in drive enclosure for encrypted file storage. It comes with three hardware encryption keys. The company also offers to buy an encryption key creator tool for when you need to generate your own keys.

1password 8

1Password 7 review

The sensitive information manager 1Password has been given an important upgrade. 1Password 7 now has even more powerful security features and together with an even more user-friendly interface, the app is nothing short of a winner. It’s one of only a very few must-have apps.

OWC Mercury Elite Pro Quad review

Lately, OWC has been making devices that are blazingly fast at a price that is hard to compete with. With hard disks at its core and SoftRAID 5.6.5 as the controller – which can’t quite keep up with the fastest hardware RAID controllers out there – it’s only slightly better than an averagely performing RAID box.

ChronoAgent synchronise your Mac and/or access files remotely with your iPad/iPhone

When I reviewed ChronoSync earlier this year, I saw another app on the Econ Technologies website that puzzled me. It’s a small app – more a Preference panel than an app – that allows you to remotely access a Mac from anywhere in the world. It’s quite powerful, secure (encrypted traffic) and is a boon if you regularly work on your iPad even when you’ near the Mac. ChronoAgent is an invisible application that runs in the background on a Mac and provides ChronoSync or InterConneX a direct connection to a remote Mac. That’s the main and major reason for ChronoAgent’s existence. There’s more to ChronoAgent than meets the eye, though. For starters, it provides a much more secure, reliable and indeed faster connection than standard file sharing. And if you’re using ChronoSync to synchronise files between two machines, ChronoAgent is far better at keeping a connection alive than standard macOS remote file sharing. When you install ChronoAgent, you’ll get a new entry in the System Preferences. The new module comes with a number of …