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How to avoid audio recorded ex-camera to drift from audio in-camera

If you record audio via an external recorder in order to replace the audio your camera captures, you’ll usually need some sort of a synchronisation tool. The simplest is using a clapper, with the second-best using Red Giant’s PluralEyes. But what if the audio your recorder captures drifts out of sync during recording? Why does that happen and how can you avoid it?

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PluralEyes 4 in Red Giant’s Shooter Suite 13: a review

Shooter Suite 13 is the latest upgrade of Red Giant Software’s application bundle for video shooters. The suite is targeted at offloading video from camera recording devices to your system as well as ingesting video into your NLE so that it is instantly usable. Shooter Suite 13 includes Offload 1.x, PluralEyes 4, Instant 4K and Frames. Of all the included apps, PluralEyes 4 is the most important one and the only app to have received a major feature upgrade.