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Review: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac

On the Mac, the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a newcomer, but the application suite has been around for many years on the Windows platform. The Mac version is a successful port in terms of feature set, but it probably won’t dethrone Adobe apps, nor kill the Affinity Photo and Designer apps. Corel has waited a bit too long and hasn’t fit out the Corel apps with a streamlined enough interface for that to happen, in my opinion.

illuminati light meter ios

7 steps to successful measuring of colour temperature of a speed light with the Illuminati light meter for iOS

The Illuminati light meter (links to review) is a Bluetooth light meter – in fact, it’s the only Bluetooth one on the market so far – that you control through an app on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The app is also available on Android, but as I only have an iOS device I’m going to concentrate on that one. The Illuminati meter is one of the two available on iOS devices that can withstand the comparison with a professional, dedicated light meter such as a high-end Sekonic. It’s, however, the only one that measures not just flash output, but also flash colour temperature. Its direct competitor, the Lumu Power, does not support that (yet). While the Illuminati light meter supports flash colour temperature metering, the controlling iOS app has proven to be a little flaky in actually reading a strobe’s colour temperature and displaying it on your iOS device. After a few months of trial and error – especially error – I finally had a conversation with the developers about this and got to find out …