My name is Erik Vlietinck and Visuals Producer is a blog with – mainly – reviews of the latest products in the photography and audio and video markets. As much as I can, I also cover skills and technique in background articles or tutorials. If you are a freelance videographer, independent documentary maker, wedding photographer or Youtube producer, I would like to think that you will find information here that supports your job and passion.

I am a journalist who has been specialised in technology and multimedia for close to 30 years. In 2001, I launched the IT Enquirer, an online magazine for users of desktop IT. IT Enquirer closed down early 2018 by lack of funding.

The content on Visuals Producer is free, of course, but as I am close to 60 now, I need every effort count as I lack a pension. Yes, I am a member of the “boomer” generation, but I never owned a car, always travelled by train and foot and have always lived to the motto “travel lightly”. I dare say my ecological footprint is as small they get.

To make some money on the side, I have recorded a bunch of quality sounds for use in video and other projects. They are 100% royalty-free with the one and only restriction being that you must not resell the collection as that will make the whole effort useless. The collection is regularly updated and expanded with new sounds. The download is subject to a small donation to keep me from falling off the cliff of poverty.

As I started life as a lawyer and this site is part of my livelihood, I’m afraid I must insist that all content on this site is fully copyright-protected — All Rights Reserved. So, if you want to use the free content on this site for whatever purpose, please ask me in advance.

My Email is: editor [at] thecontentgame.com.