Visuals Producer is a magazine for the latest on photography, audio and video, skill and technique, equipment and software reviews. If you are a freelance videographer, independent documentary maker, wedding photographer or Youtube producer, we have information that supports your job and passion.

At its relaunch in January 2019, most of the content on Visuals Producer was written by the site owner, Erik Vlietinck, J.D., a journalist who has been specialised in technology and multimedia for close to 30 years. In 2001, he launched the IT Enquirer, an online magazine for users of desktop IT.

As an independent writer and sub-editor, Erik also creates high-quality content in English/Dutch for SMEs and Fortune 500 businesses. Most often he gets final approval on his first draft of the white papers, press releases or case studies he has written. Erik is still available for any type of writing as well as for editing projects, preferably on a freelance or remote basis.

Furthermore, Erik has a tight link with audio production, which is why on Visuals Producer you will find this logo that will take you to a page where you can receive a collection of high-quality sounds for usage in video or other projects, 100% royalty-free with the one and only restriction being that you must not resell the collection. The collection is continuously updated and expanded with new sounds. Download is subject to a small donation.

All other content is fully copyright protected — All Rights Reserved. For reprints, please contact the editor using the contact form.

Email: editor [at] visualsproducer.com.