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izotope ozone 8

iZotope — who we can safely call the experts in usable, high-quality intelligent audio technology — is pleased to announce that in the lead-up to its release of Ozone 9, it will be offering Ozone 8 Elements for free, starting today, through October 2. Users that take advantage of the free download will also get special pricing on the upcoming Ozone 9.

Ozone 8 Elements has been a premier mastering product of iZotope since its release in 2018. It  allows users to do more in less time. Features like Ozone 8’s Master Assistant analyses mixes and suggests targets, signal chain and processor settings, so users can get back to what’s most important — adding a personal sonic signature.

iZotope’s generous offer is a boon for anyone wanting to test the waters or start mastering with the goal to end up with audibly superior results. I warmly recommend it (and its other plug-ins as well, for that matter) above those so-called AI-driven no-intervention-or-effort-required one-button apps that promise much but only deliver ear-torturing sound. And if you’re new to mastering, you’ll discover iZotope has a treasure throve of video tutorials on its site.

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