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acrylic on paper

OK, so I dabble in acrylic painting. Thirty odd years ago when I was still deciding if I’d rather become an artist and probably starve to death or a lawyer and at least earn a decent living (which you don’t in my native country, but that’s another article I’ll probably never write), I took my drawings to a national gallery and asked the curator for his advice and opinion.

Much to my surprise, he didn’t start laughing but told me what I took for him to judge only lacked technique, something that I needed to learn in art school. So, my ideas were OK I guess, but after careful consideration I decided to read the law and try to make a living out of that.

Since only a few months ago, I have taken up drawing and painting again, and the first painting I consider to be more or less decent enough to ask your opinion about is on display below.

I would love to read your critique. Please don’t just tell me it is no good but allow me to read why you think it’s bad and what it lacks. Thanks in advance for your comments!

It’s acrylic on watercolour paper, by the way.

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