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Mac and iOS files integration a reality with InterConneX 2

Econ Technologies InterConneX 2 file integration between Mac and iOS

InterConneX is a file storage and management app for the iPhone and iPad that enables you to store, manage and share all your files and folders in one location just like on a Mac. The new version has a re-designed interface, supports cloud connections and is now available in two separate iOS apps; one for your iPad and one for your iPhone.

On an iPad or iPhone you cannot store files in a folder like you can on a Mac, not even in iOS 13 with its “file manager”. InterConneX solves this problem by creating “sharespaces” where you can keep your files and folders all in one location on an iPad or iPhone.

Econ Technologies, however, is the developer of ChronoSync and ChronoAgent. ChronoSync is one of the two best backup and synchronisation apps available for a Mac, while ChronoAgent is an app that runs in the background providing ChronoSync or InterConneX a direct and highly secure (encrypted) connection to a remote Mac.

InterConneX communicates directly with ChronoSync and ChronoAgent. For example, you can designate a folder on your Mac and an InterConneX sharespace as targets and synchronise the files in both locations with ChronoSync. This is the preferred method if you want to copy your files over to an iPad or iPhone. The other way around will work too: connect a Mac with ChronoAgent and an InterConneX sharespace as targets and you can access all files on the Mac for all user accounts. This the preferred workflow if you want to keep your files on the Mac.

InterConneX 2 supports Amazon S3, BackBlaze B2, Google Cloud Storage and SFTP. On the iPad (I don’t have an iPhone so can’t tell much about that), you can now use InterConneX 2 in split view mode. You can also edit documents in remote sharespaces, e.g. on the Mac if you work with method number two. You can even drag and drop files from a sharespace onto an app — on the iPad or an iPhone!

External keyboard shortcuts are supported as well. And, finally, InterConneX for iPad supports the creation of blank documents from templates. Pages, Keynote and Numbers have templates provided by Apple upon installation, but other apps usually don’t supply them. For those, you can create your own templates by selecting a file and invoking the “New Document” command. This gives you the option of using the selected file as a blank template for future documents.

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