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Ulysses to reach version 17, adding new styles and improvements

Ulysses 17, new version of the text editor for Macs

Ulysses 17, the upcoming latest version of the text and markdown editor for Mac, iPad and iPhone receives new keyword management on the iOS platform, four new export styles, a revamped full-screen mode on the iPad and improved image caption support. The update is free for existing subscribers and we expect it for release on August 19, 2019.
 It will offer better management of large collections of sheets (think academic research) and better support of research that requires documents to have large numbers of images and be output to a specific output style.

By the way: new customers will get 50% off on the first year of Ulysses. The offer applies to the yearly subscription and runs from today to August 15…

Keyword management on iOS

In spring, Ulysses (review here) for the Mac gained the ability to manage your keywords. This feature is now also coming to the iPhone and iPad. We will be able to can edit or delete keywords, customise their colours, as well as merge several keywords into one. We’ll also be able to mark our most often used keywords as favourites and more easily access them throughout the app, both on Mac and iOS.

New output styles

One of Ulysses’ most powerful features is that it allows you to export and publish your work in a few clicks to anything from a formatted PDF to a .docx document or to the, Medium or Ghost platform.

The new release will support four new export styles. Business is meant for laying out reports and strategy papers. Academica was conceived for researchers and students, e.g. for lecture notes. Review is meant to support on-paper editing as the style reproduces comments and text deletions, and comes with a large margin for hand-written notes. Finally, Manuscript is geared to the U.S. layout standards used for submitting literary works to publishers.

iPad full-screen mode

Ulysses’ iPad fullscreen mode has been completely redone. It’s now 100% text with no toolbars whatsoever. Sidebars will slide over for quick interactions and will slide out again automatically. You will be able to show them as an overlay so you can switch between sheets or access attachments easily. With an external keyboard attached, Command-Control-F (which is the shortcut you use on a Mac) will open and close full-screen mode and the shortcut bar will be hidden.

Other niceties

Furthermore, the new version will support previewing image captions inside the editor and allow you to export them to PDF, RTF and MS Word documents. Working with numbered lists will be improved as well. You will now finally see automatically updated numbering and repeatedly pressing Return with the cursor in a list will reduce the indentation level.

The icons of filters based on keywords will show the icon you selected not in black and white but in the keyword’s colour. Image captions will be visible on the image preview and QuickLook will work on those previews.

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