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Foley is the name we give to sounds that are created and recorded for usage in movies and other motion picture projects such as TV series, etc. For example, when a scene demands the sound of a galloping horse off-screen, you can suggest it by adding the recorded sound of – you guessed it! – a horse galloping or by recording or creating something that resembles a horse galloping. Those sounds can be created by recording them or creating them with apps such as Logic Pro X, ProTools, etc.

Here on Visuals Producer, we offer a growing collection of such sounds as an alternative to a donation. “We write, therefore we are” may well be true, but it doesn’t pay for the bills. Selling a Sound FX collection that we target to become over 1000 files strong may contribute better that that lofty goal of not going bankrupt and ending up in the gutter.

Visuals Producer Sound-FX logo

So, if you can spare a fiver, I would be very grateful and show you my gratitude by offering you these sounds. As I am writing this, the counter is at 69 sounds of all kinds. I am constantly and continuously adding to the collection and, as I said, aim to go over the 1000 mark.

If you have specific requirements or wishes for sounds to be included, you can let me know and I will do my best to comply and add them to the collection. When you buy the set today, you’ll be downloading a folder with 69 24bits/96KHz files. I plan to send you – by email – a link to every folder that I upload which will be every time when I have 20 new files to add.


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Freelance audio engineer (retired in 2017). Worked on assignments for British TV stations and documentaries.