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Ulysses 15 adds image resizing, WP.com 5 support, side-by-side editors and more

I thought I’d share this slightly off-topic news with you: my favourite text editor is soon to be upgraded again. Version 15 has a lot of new goodies, such as full support for WordPress 5, keyword filtering and a real keywords manager, and web image previews.

On the Mac, Ulysses 15’s most important new feature will probably, and for a lot of people, be the Split View. We already had the ability to work with tabs, so we could write in two documents simultaneously – or rather, jump from one to the other – but now we also have the ability to show two different documents side-by-side. And not just two different documents, but we can now have two views of the same document. Imagine that you’re working on a story that requires you to work down a list of topics. You could now have that list open right next to the item you’re working on. Very efficient.

Keywords are great, of course, but you couldn’t remove the ones you’re not using anymore and you couldn’t add some in one smooth action. Now you can. The keywords manager allows you to add keywords, remove and rename them. The list itself can be sorted in different ways. Finally, you can start treating those keywords as fully capable categories or tags, certainly with the second new functionality in the keyword area: search and filter for keywords.

Right under the “Anywhere” category in the Search field (at the top of the sheets listing) is a new item that – strangely enough – reads “Keywords”. You can now start entering text in the search field or click the tag icon next to that field and select the keywords you want to find with the mouse. You can even search for keyword colours! It makes searching for specific documents and creating smart “folders” a lot more powerful.

Ulysses 15 also has a few nice tricks up its sleeve for those of us who publish online and use WordPress.com for that purpose. Image Sizes is the first. Add an image to your document, click on the image object (or image bubble, if you prefer) and you’ll be able to insert a size for either both height and width or for only one with the other dynamically adjusted, keeping the relative sizes intact. That’s a feature I for one longed for some time now.

Ulysses links to images on a server now, too, but what this image doesn't show you is that, when you click the plus icon, you still can set the size!
Ulysses links to images on a server now, too, but what this image doesn’t show you is that, when you click the plus icon, you still can set the size!

Also for us, web publishers, is the Web Image Preview. You could preview an image that is stored locally, but you couldn’t preview it when the image was linked to the document from a server, e.g. your WP.com server. Well, now you can. Enter (img) and a popup appears, asking you, with the beautiful design we’ve become accustomed to from Ulysses, if you’d like to insert an image from your Mac or from far away. Behind the scenes, when you choose the “far away” option, Ulysses downloads at the very least a very decent preview image.

Now, I already mentioned WordPress 5 support, didn’t I? Well, WP.com users, rejoice, because WordPress export works with WP’s new “Blocks”! How the developers managed to pull off that trick, I don’t know, but it’s fabulous not to have WordPress nag your head off with every upload you make…

On iOS, Ulysses now supports Selection Statistics, which means that you can now see stats for a selection you make, something that you could do on the Mac for some time. You can also review the activity history.

Image sizes are supported as on the Mac, as well as Dark Export Preview.