LANDR launches new audio mastering tool for video editors


LANDR, a new, cloud-based service is to provide video editors and vloggers who work with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and care about how their content sounds with the means to master audio using an AI-based mastering system.

The new service, called LANDR Audio Mastering for Video, automates the mastering process so that editors don’t have to hire a professional audio mastering engineer. The tool analyses the audio content of a timeline and applies adjustments that should make everything sound great together.

However, audio samples that I found on the web gave me the impression of a basic mastering system that focuses on turning up the volume, but without making the sound audibly richer while the balancing between dialogue and background sounds may actually be slightly poorer than the original, judging from their own online sample.

Nevertheless, for audio-illiterate online video makers and projects such as (some) corporate, (some) public service announcements, product reviews, beauty & cooking shows, etc, it could be a godsend as LANDR couldn’t make audio mastering easier. All you have to do is select the region of the timeline to master, preview the master with or without adaptive noise reduction and then place the rendered final result back in the timeline.

At best, you’ll only lack the signature of a human mastering engineer, the best of whom add a specific and unique sound quality, a presence. Having said that, it’s clear that audio for video projects the new service targets has less of a need of an engineering signature.

Although the LANDR cloud service provides an alternative to mastering plug-ins or working with a sound engineer for quick turnaround productions, it probably won’t cut it for – even small – more creative projects. As the system is AI-based, it essentially appears as a black box to the user. That prevents you from creating subtle variations of sound. For example, a thriller will not only have different music but its audio will also be mastered differently from a romantic comedy.

LANDR Audio Mastering for Video integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro CC but not (yet) with other NLEs, such as Da Vinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro X.

The service is available for free through Adobe Exchange. Users signing up before December 31 will have access to a free 3-month trial plan that provides unlimited audio processing. After the 3-month trial period, users will have the option to continue using the LANDR service in a low-cost pay-as-you-go mode or with cost-effective and flexible subscription plans.

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