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FxFactory Word Pop, a great FCPX Title generator

fxfactory wordpop

Word Pop is one of FxFactory’s latest addition. It’s a set of Final Cut Pro X titles. They allow you to create anything from lower thirds to a full explanation in the centre of the frame. I first thought it was pretty much limited in what you can do with it, but it turned out to be more than meets the eye.

Word Pop is a collection of nicely designed, very modern templates for entering and showing text in the frame. They’re titles, so you drag them to the timeline. Text is entered in the frame itself and can be changed as desired. All of these templates come with the elements fully animated upon loading and unloading, but there’s little control over the elements themselves, I first thought. I was a bit wrong.

In contrast to some other titles, Word Pop’s text elements can actually be dragged around where you want them without breaking the animation of the whole thing. So, when you have text that is longer than the paragraph element can hold by default, you can – of course, up to a point – expand the paragraph element, adding lines or making lines longer. And that won’t break the animation.

Most titles in the collection also have background elements and those can be positioned differently as well. Here, however, you can’t drag the elements around in the frame but do it through the Inspector. I assume this is in order not to break the animation after all.

The whole thing was a pleasant surprise, because most of the competing text-holding and animated text templates are pretty much fixed in the text you can fill them up with before the animation falls apart in one sense or another.

There are 20 title templates to choose from and two extra backgrounds – one with a blur and one with a colour gradient you can put behind the title but in front of the timeline. Because both have controls and are animated too, you can be really creative with the effect. For example, the blur amount of the Blur title can be changed as you’d like it to be.

I did notice that some of the titles have lines that have been positioned with a somewhat sloppy approach, e.g. they run into the text. However, as you can move everything around anyway, this does no harm; it just looks a bit unpolished.

Word Pop is a great title collection to have. You can use the templates as traditional titles but also find all kinds of creative uses for them. You can find them over at the FxFactory site or better yet, in the FxFactory app on your system.