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For Final Cut Pro X exclusively: FxFactory’s Kingluma Focus Point

video compositing focus point fxfactory

FxFactory has done it again: they’ve released a plug-in that everyone will want. It’s a plug-in that enables you to create tilt-shift, variable blur, and selective focus effects. That sounds a lot less exciting than it is.

There’s a trend towards manipulating effects on-screen ranging from colour grading to creative focus. While Denver Riddle is preparing for the release of his Cinema Grade colour grading plug-in that allows for on-screen in-frame grading, FxFactory has just released Kingluma’s Focus Point. The exciting part of this plug-in is not that it lets you create focus effects, but the way it lets you create them.

With Focus Point, a control system is overlaid on the frame in the preview window. The system is not your average and simple focus system with a few draggable handles, but a complete axis-based system with handles that allow you to change the direction of the focus effect, its point of origin, its strength and every other aspect of focus and blur that you can imagine. The resulting system is incredibly easy to use and very powerful.

There are separate modules for radial, 2-point and 1-point focus effects and the on-frame controls can be manipulated in the frame with a mouse or the pen of a graphics tablet like the Wacom Intuos Pro, but you can also use the Inspector’s sliders and value controls.

There are handles for controlling various individual blur settings, the least and the most blur, centre bias and more, and you can rotate the whole focus/blur system around the z-axis and offset the lot along the X/Y axis.

Furthermore, the Kingluma Focus Point allows you to set source effects such as saturation, sharpness shadows, strobe, etc, etc. To make it perfect, the plug-in offers a Compare Wipe so you can see the before and after of the effect.

Even the radial effect system offers all the controls and parameters you would expect with the ease-of-use of a direct on-screen HUD.

Kingluma’s Focus Point is a great, must-have plug-in FxFactory offers for users of Final Cut Pro X exclusively.