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Cute Hahnel ProCube 2 cares for your camera batteries

camera battery charger hahnel procube 2 for Sony

The original ProCube was a nice looking cube that charged camera batteries, with a separate tray to charge four AA NiMh cells at a time. The new ProCube 2 is still a cute cube, but the battery holding system has changed and the unit shows more information on its LCD display.

Hahnel’s ProCube 2 exists for various camera brands, including Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Olympus and Pentax. Some of these brands have the same charging requirements, which made Hahnel decide to bundle the battery trays for those cameras together with one cube. In the original ProCube, the system to switch the trays was not very simple nor was it easy to do. The trays were wired and removing the tray involved careful unplugging of thin wires, while installing another one required some care as well.

The new version of the ProCube has wireless trays. They just click in place, so you can now much more quickly and easily remove and install different trays. But there’s more. Once you start charging a single battery or two of them, the ProCube 2 will now show you how much power has been added, which allows for a quick top-up charge. Strangely enough, it won’t show you how much power was still left when you insert the battery. It will also check your battery’s health with a pretty accurate result — I checked with a multimeter. The new model also charges with more specific care for your brand’s batteries, although the first version was good in this respect as well.

The ProCube 2 has the same form factor as its predecessor, but it looks a bit smaller – it isn’t, though. There’s still an AA battery tray that will charge four AA cells at a time. Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t display all the information you get when it charges AA cells.

Nevertheless, and after testing its AA charging functionality with my multimeter (an industrial Brymen BM867s in case you’d be wondering), the ProCube 2 is as good an AA-cell charging station as its predecessor was. It uses the same charging method as advised to use on Eneloop and other high-quality batteries.