Snagit 2018 recognises text and objects you can move in your screenshots

Screen captures are often a necessity for use with presentations, magazine articles, and tutorials. The ability to create them comes with your operating system, but TechSmith’s Snagit offers a lot more flexibility and adds the ability to create short videos of your screen as well. Its latest version adds the ability to grab and recognise text, while Smart Move lets you move elements on screen that can be considered to be independent screen components.

Snagit 2018 exists for macOS as well as Windows 7 and higher. On the Mac, which is my test platform, it has a nice and unobtrusive interface that you can launch from a menu extension. The control panel shows you the various ways to create a screenshot, including full-screen shots or a screen area that you define. A panel or window, for example, is recognised by the area tool automatically, even when it’s hidden behind another one.

The most jaw-dropping feature of Snagit 2018, however, is not the many ways it offers to capture parts of your screen – including scrolling and “panoramic” views of a browser window – but the ability to grab text and run it through an OCR engine. I tried that with several applications and it works great, despite the OCR engine not being 100% accurate. Whereas the OCR feature probably targets a more business-oriented user base, the Smart Move capability is aimed at people who, for example, want to quickly create new mockups from existing screen elements.

Snagit 2018 does a good job of recognising independently movable elements and when you copy them to the clipboard, you can even paste them in Photoshop or Illustrator. Snagit also saves time when you use it as an annotation tool, as screenshots can easily be enriched with callouts, arrows, etc.

For moving screen capture, there’s little that can compete with heavy weights such as ScreenFlow, but if you want to quickly grab an area of the screen and create an animated GIF of it, Snagit will serve you will in this area too. It’s the powerhouse of screen capture apps and it costs €48.80.