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iKlip Grip Pro: your stand, handle or “boom” for lightweight cameras, iPhones, mics and more

iKlip Grip Pro is a stand with an integrated detachable Bluetooth shutter control that can act as a tabletop tripod, large-grip video handle and a monopod handle, while the iKlip Grip can serve as a standard tripod adapter. The whole system is made of a combination of thermoplastic and aluminium, can carry weights of up to 1kg and extends to 62cm.

While the iKlip Grip Pro has been made with an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an Android smartphone in mind, you can also use it with a GoPro or small camera. Its first use will be as a selfie stick, I imagine. That was my first reaction when I took it out of the box. In the box, the unit is folded up. It — or rather folds up to — an ergonomic handle that allows you to firmly hold and point your iPhone, GoPro or compact camera in the direction of where the action is. On top of the unit, you’ll find a micro ball head that allows you to level your camera or iPhone when you’re using the unit as a tripod, but also if you’re using the iKlip Grip Pro as an extensible “boom” or as a selfie stick.

In order to use the iKlip Grip Pro at its 62cm extended length, you’ll need to unlock the three segments of the handle from the centre column. That was a bit hard when the unit was brand new, but it got a lot easier as I’d done that a couple of times. Luckily, due to the design of the unit, the locking mechanism will keep its firm fixing capability after many times of use, so no worries there.

When the unit is extended, you can still use it as either a boom/selfie stick or as a tripod, but when used as the latter it does become a little unstable. In tripod mode, you “fan out” the three segments of the handle to secure stability, but the unit itself is so lightweight that at maximum height, a 1kg camera will make it top heavy — and easy to kick over.

Not having an iPhone myself, I decided to try the Grip Pro part on a plastic box of the same size filled up to about the same weight. I must say the grip works well and held the box fine — I wouldn’t have a problem entrusting it with an expensive iPhone. There’s also a remote control included, which allows you to trigger your iPhone (or Android phone’s) shutter without lifting a finger from the handle — which should reduce blurred images considerably. You can comfortably attach the remote to the handle when it’s in the closed/locked position so that you can really operate the shutter at the press of a button.

Remote Control and other uses

I tried out the remote with my iPad. It connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth, with no further setup necessary. I found the remote does need to have your Camera app open, as it will otherwise only serve as a remote sound level increase button — only one of the two buttons works on either an iOS or Android device. When the Camera app is open, it will operate the shutter on photos and serve as remote Start/Stop button when you choose to make a video.

In the end, I also tried the iKlip Grip Pro with an sE Electronics Laser video microphone and found that it works great as a mini microphone boom as well, due to its lightweight construction and ergonomic firm-grip handle, which transfers almost no noise from my hands to the mic.

Given its truly multi-use capabilities, I found the iKlip Grip Pro to offer much value for the money. For small, lightweight equipment that you need to point in a specific direction, it’s a great addition to your tool chest. The iKlip Grip Pro costs €73.19.