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3D Video Walls, just like the real thing but less expensive

FxFactory released yet another great plug-in, 3D Video Walls. This plug-in contains a whole bunch of titles that you can create illusory 3D video walls with, based on the videoclip underneath it. If you want to have a dynamic backdrop to show these video walls against as well, you can create a compound clip out of the 3D wall and place that clip on top of another one in the Timeline. The effect is brilliant and the controls allow for virtually endless variations.

3D Video Walls is a title effect. It lets you split up the underlying videoclip or repeat it. The title replaces the underlying clip with one of several virtual video wall presets. The 3D moniker refers to the bezels that each design has around the effect and to the animation. 3D Video Walls offers many different styles of in/out animations, drop shadows and 3D camera settings. The whole set of parameters can of course be animated by itself, adding more customisation power to an already impressive array of possibilities.

3D Video Walls walls are made up of elements, i.e. square, rectangle, pentagonal, oblong or oval elements that you can use to create a wall that cuts up or repeats your videoclip. The Inspector lets you create the complete wall shape by adding characters from the keyboard. There’s a handy lookup table that you can display on-screen by clicking the Help button.

By adding characters to the “Text for Shape” field, you’re actually building a wall. Now, here’s why the developers of 3D Video Wall added so many presets: you can create an awfully ugly effect by mixing elements that don’t match. For those who have bad taste, the presets at least make everything look professional in the end.

The presets all have different designs or shapes. There are different bezel materials, numerous preset animations and control over camera angles. As often with FxFactory plug-ins or effects, by changing the parameters you can create a dazzling number of variations and end up with something truly unique.

There’s one caveat, though: 3D Video Walls are not suited for all video projects. I can’t see them used with documentaries or (Indie) movies. They will look great when used with commercials, interviews, video tutorials and even corporate videos, though.

I would recommend downloading FxFactory and taking a look at the presentation video and Final Cut Pro X tutorials right inside the FxFactory app.