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Elgato Eve Degree is a cute indoors/outdoors temperature/humidity/air pressure monitor

The Elgato Eve family of products has been expanded with a new, beautifully designed temperature and humidity monitor. Its rounded square design, aluminium bezel and black glossy face make it an asset to anyone even remotely interested in contemporary design. It’s efficient too, showing you the temperature and humidity on its LCD screen. As a bonus, you can also see and record the air pressure in the iOS Eve app.

The Eve Degree monitor incorporates a very high-quality, high-accuracy state-of-the-art sensor — even better than the one inside the Eve Weather. It too is HomeKit-enabled. This means that Eve Degree — as do its siblings — works seamlessly together with connected accessories. For example, if you have a fan that you would like to turn on automatically when the temperature spikes, you can plug Eve Energy in-between the fan’s plug and the wall outlet and the fan will magically turn on when you want it to.

The main difference between Eve Degree and Eve Weather is that the latter comes in a white plastic enclosure without screen. Just as Eve Weather, Eve Degree is waterproof (IPX3) so you can also use it outdoors — which, in my opinion, would be a shame as it is such a cute and beautiful little (it measures only 5.5cm square) box.

Eve Degree is powered by a robust CR2450 lithium cell. Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology will keep the replaceable battery delivering power through an entire year. By comparison, Eve Weather’s two AA cells will “only” last for about six months.

One thing is incomprehensible to me: Eve Degree hasn’t been awarded an IF Design Award, which the admittedly more blunt Eve Weather has (in 2016). I wouldn’t be surprised if Eve Degree would get that award next year as it’s more cute and equally effective as the Weather sensor.

One feature is lacking from Eve Degree: air quality. That’s probably because Eve Degree is meant to be used both indoors and outdoors. If you want to measure air quality, you are better off with Eve Room, which measures VOCs in the house. Or you can buy both, of course.

After all, given its looks and the materials it was made of, Eve Degree isn’t all that expensive at €69.99.

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