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Get creative in style with TitleMations 2

You could be forgiven to think TitleMations is a title generator that lets you automate title creation for your footage, but then you’d be doing this new FxFactory plug-in injustice.

There are 32 titles to generate with TitleMations 2. Most of them carry a hefty number of publishing parameters, but all of them are somewhat restrained in their design. What I mean is that most other title generators that I’ve seen before tend to get carried away with flashy effects or over-the-top motion.

Such titles are OK when you’re shooting a commercial for a new brand of cereals, but they’re less suitable for cutting up an instructional video into chapters. That’s where TitleMations 2 comes into play. If you’re creating a commercial for a luxury car, TitleMations 2 will play nice with the message you’re surely trying to get across.

All of TitleMations’ titles have something that I can’t describe other than an upper class style. They’re articulate, well-behaved titles that slide in from nowhere (some of them, literally), expand with an almost architectural structure about them. Most of them can have multiple lines of text — the parameters allow you to expand the graphic that defines them.

Because of their pure and modern design, they fit documentaries, corporate videos and any other video that wants to tell a serious story. Also because of their minimal design, they’re one of the few title sets you can use on top of your video without distracting the viewer too much. They’re less suitable for frivolous projects in my opinion.

Precisely because of their purity, you wouldn’t expect much customisation opportunities, but TitleMations titles do let you play around with a lot of settings. These include animation controls, size and other characteristics of the graphic that serves as the defining design element (one or two vertical bars, stars at both ends of the text, a box drawn around the text, etc), and the positioning of the text within the design as a whole.

The latter is especially important if you want to spread your text across multiple lines. In contrast with some other title generators, TitleMations titles still look great after you’ve adjusted the design to fit a two or three-line title text.

In the set of 32 titles, there are only three that work with colour and odd as it may seem, that’s enough. The animated colour range generators animate the text colour. They’re not meant to create wild glows or anything else that would break the minimal design. They’re used to emphasise one or a few words in the text with style.

“Style” is what sets TitleMations apart. I’ve rarely seen a better title generator set that I find actually usable for video and movie projects other than flashy commercials. TitleMations 2 is available from FxFactory for a mere €45.50.

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