Month: January 2017

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13, now for Final Cut Pro X too

Final Cut Pro X users rejoice: all of Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Suite modules now work as plug-in to your beloved NLE. Version 13 includes new versions of Colorista, Looks, Denoiser, Film, Mojo and Cosmo. Brand new is Renoiser 1.0. Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro users will be happy to know that Looks 4 and Denoiser III now enjoy Mercury support — which means they now have real-time playback of the effects in their favourite composition and editing applications.

mHUD 2 trackable HUD elements make for stunning effect

MotionVFX puts mocha’s tracking technology to good use. An example of how effective you can create composites if you have the right design, just enough controls to keep everybody satisfied, and the right tracking engine, is mHUD 2, powered by mocha. You can use it to make commercials more exciting or add spice to sci-fi movies. First MotionVFX released mHUD, a set of static heads up display (HUD) elements. These HUD elements allow you to use Final Cut Pro X’s Titles to create complete HUDs that have moving components, but don’t move themselves. You could keyframe elements, but that was a bit tedious and sometimes just not easy to do. For HUD elements that must stay in one location — e.g. when you want to get across the atmosphere of a control room — the first release of mHUD was simple to use, yet allowed for intricate designs. If you own mHUD 1 and buy mocha powered mHUD 2, trackable mHUD 1 designs will be automatically installed during the mHUD 2 installation process. One reason …