Text expander Typinator 6.10 introduces a slew of improvements

typinator 6.9

Text expander Typinator has been once again updated for free. With Typinator 7 on the horizon, that’s newsworthy in its own right, especially as the update has more in store than bug squashing. Except for some nice cosmetic improvements, Typinator 6.10 has a slew of advanced improvements, that are destined to keep the competition on its toes.

Ergonis Software develops more than Typinator. They are also at the origin of KeyCue, a dynamic cheat sheet, and Popchar, a typographic menu applet. Typinator, however, is the time-saving app of the company. It’s an advanced text expander and calculator. It has an intuitive interface that in the update is even more intuitive with the introduction of a new form window that has focus frames and improved scrolling.

You’re bound to use the new “/Case” feature that’s listed under the Built-in Functions drop-down. It is a conditional statement feature. Using Case, you command Typinator to select a different text fragment depending on an input value. It performs a series of if/then tests to determine what will be expanded. For example, if you want to address a marketing letter to different people and you want to get the sex right without having to manually enter it every time, you could use /Case in combination with the Insert Input functionality to assign “m” for male or “f” for female to a variable. It would automatically write the expansions correctly across your letter with you only once having to enter the sex value.

Logical values are now supported in calculations; 0 counts as false, all other values are treated as true. Constants for logical values — true, false, yes, no — in calculations are also supported. Calculations also get a new if function, so you can now create formulas such as this one: if(x>=0; sqrt(x); 0).

New min and max functions with multiple parameters are now available in calculations. For example: max(12; 42; 9) yields the value 42. The round function now accepts an optional parameter for the number of digits after the decimal point. For example: round(pi; 3) returns 3.142.

Typinator 6.10 also gives better feedback. When a selection or caret is inside a … marker, the whole marker is now highlighted. The same holds true for double-clicking a curly brace in an expansion; it will now select the whole … marker that starts or ends with the brace character.

There’s a new zh marker for the numeric time zone offset in hours, and time calculations with days, hours, minutes and seconds now accept fractional parts, such as dayDelta=+1.5.

Typinator now integrates even better with LaunchBar, as it detects input in LaunchBar’s search field and ignores abbreviations typed when you’re working with LaunchBar 6.6.3 or newer.

Finally, Typinator works around some compatibility issues with LibreOffice., fixes incorrect translation of TextExpander’s %d and %e markers into Typinator’s DD and D, and fixes a problem that resulted in an incorrect selection after importing certain set files.

Except for more of these fixes, Typinator 6.10 is internally more streamlined to make the transition to the upcoming new version 7 easier. I for one can’t wait until Typinator 7 is released!

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