Lexar’s microSD Workflow Pro UR2 microSD card reader is fast

lexar professional workflow UR2

Lexar’s Professional Workflow UR2 microSD card reader is a USB 3 reader and a Lexar Workflow HR2 module. It delivers on the promise of fast offloading by supporting three microSD cards in one small footprint module.

The Lexar Professional Workflow UR2 microSD card reader is a big name for a small card reader that only reads microSD cards without the need for a converter or adapter. It only reads microSD cards, but it will read three of them simultaneously. This card reader fits in the Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 and HR2 multi-card reader stations. You can also use it on its own, as I did.

Why should you use a dedicated microSD card reader in the first place? The answer is speed. The Lexar UR2 reader is a USB 3 device and as such is fast. With three microSD card slots it could become a slouch, but surprisingly enough it keeps up its speed. In fact, it’s the fastest card reader I’ve ever held in my hands. If you load it up with three cards — say from three GoPro HEROs you shot video with — it offloads just as fast as with only one card in the reader.

lexar professional workflow UR2

The crucial element to really benefit from this raw performance, however, lies with the offloading app you’re using. If you normally use ShotPut Pro 5 or Hedge for Mac, you’re all set. Indeed, with my current favourite offloading app, Hedge for Mac, I offload microSD cards faster using the Lexar Professional Workflow UR2 reader than with the three microSD cards mounted in their USB 3 stick-type adapters.

So, if you’re producing video (or still photography) using microSD cards and time matters, it pays to shell out about 50 Euros for the Lexar UR2 microSD card reader instead of messing about with the microSD-to-SD-adapters you get when buying a fast microSD card — no matter how good these may be. If you want to really speed up the offloading process, you’ll buy the Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 or HR2 station, of course. But the UR2 on its own is a fabulously professional product as it is. If I were into hyperbole, I’d say it’s a must-have.

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