Month: June 2016

tuff in box featured image

Tough mobile disk CalDigit Tuff

Mobile disk drives are essential tools for movie and video makers. Everyone who ventures out in hostile environments to shoot footage needs rugged drives that can withstand some rough handling. It’s the main reason why LaCie has made its Rugged series and why G-Tech jumped on this bandwagon with its G-Drive ev range. CalDigit may perhaps be late to the game, releasing its bus-powered Tuff drive only recently, but it beats the forerunners by a large margin. The CalDigit Tuff is probably the most versatile drive in this market niche. It has a USB Type-C port that is backwards compatible, so it will work on any machine with USB. It will also work with Thunderbolt 3 machines. The Tuff comes with a 20cm USB Type-C and USB 3 converter cable in its rugged, protective archive case. It complies with the USB 3.1 standard, which allows for 10GB/sec throughput performance. The first and most obvious two aspects that set the Tuff apart is that it currently comes in a generous 2TB hard drive configuration with an SSD configuration in …

headset encorepro-hw720

Binaural headset for Mac Skypers: Plantronics EncorePro HW720

The EncorePro HW720 is Plantronics’ latest professional headset for phone calling via a softphone like Skype on your Mac. To enjoy all its benefits you need to install the Plantronics Hub app first. This software works in tandem with the EncorePro HW720 and Skype to deliver a comfortable and efficient phone calling/answering experience. The EncorePro HW720 is powered by Plantronics DA80 solution that fits both SOHO callers and call centres.

CalDigit T4 RAID solution with drive keys

Fast and silent hybrid RAID system: CalDigit T4

CalDigit is a supplier of storage solutions for creative professionals, including photographers, movie makers and video producers. The T4 is their hybrid Thunderbolt 2 RAID-capable storage solution. T4’s have a tightly fitting aluminium cast enclosure aimed at silent operation and good thermal management. They have four lockable removable drives that carry a three-year warranty. The unit itself carries a five-year warranty.

xsend result in motion

Automatic Duck Xsend Motion sends your FCPX projects to Motion

Xsend to Motion solves a problem that has been bugging Final Cut users since Final Cut Pro X was first released. You can’t send a sequence or timeline to Motion, create a composite and replace your original clip with the composited one. For all of its power and XML savviness, Final Cut Pro X simply doesn’t support that out of the box. The people at Automatic Duck have now succeeded at developing an app that lets you do it anyway. It’s a huge step forward, but it’s not a seamless integration.