Month: May 2016

Review: FxFactory plug-in management system for Final Cut Studio and After Effects

FxFactory is a plug-in manager for effects in Final Cut Pro, Motion, and After Effects. When a customer buys FxFactory, they get a large number of ready-made effects with the application. Through FxFactory, however, third parties can also deliver their plug-ins. As a result FxFactory contains an endless list of demo plug-ins as well. Finally, FxFactory Pro allows you to create your own effect plug-ins.

atomos AtomFLEX 4K60p HDMI cable

Why ProRes video encoding in post is inferior to ProRes recording

Shooting in ProRes or DNxHD has several benefits if you’re working with Final Cut Pro X or Avid Media Composer. Of course you can always encode or transcode from a different codec to either of these in post-production, but that costs time — which may be valuable. There may be other reasons why you don’t want to wait until post, as I found out. I spent three days experimenting with a GoPro HERO4, four encoding apps for the Mac, the Final Cut Pro X timeline and an Atomos Ninja Assassin. Thanks to the newest version of Telestream’s Switch QC app, I came across some strange results that I didn’t know about before, and which changed my views on post-production video encoding versus shooting straight to ProRes with a Ninja monitor/recorder.

Benchmark test confirms fastest offload app is Hedge Premium

It turns out the latest version of Dutch developed Hedge for Mac is the fastest video offload application on the market. The company ran some benchmarks and found their new Premium engine — which is not in the free version of the app — is as fast or almost as fast as the Finder. “We ran these benchmarks for our own internal use. We ran them as objective and unbiased as we possibly could,” said Paul Matthijs Lombert, CEO at The Sync Factory, the company behind Hedge for Mac. “We certainly added nothing to our tests that would put Hedge for Mac in any sort of a favourable position — far from it,” he added.

switch pro 3

Quality Control for video app Switch 3 Pro ups the ante

Telestream has just upgraded Switch, their QC and quick-export app for videos up to 4K. New features in the Pro version that I have been reviewing include a comparison capability that lets you open additional files to compare with your primary media file, an external preview to Blackmagic Design devices, more publishing options, more containers and improved playback.

lut plugin for Final Cut Pro X lutx

More than just a LUT loader for Final Cut Pro X: LUTx

There are quite some LUT utilities for Final Cut Pro X, but Roger Bolton from Coremelt succeeded in developing a plug-in that gives you more than just a LUT loading mechanism. LUTx delivers a LUT browser, various fine-tuning features, masking capabilities and, for the Look LUT effect, the unique ability to apply your LUT to a specific luma range. The LUTx plug-in has four effects in all.

pianoteq pianos

Want your digitised piano or harp to sound like the real thing? Try Pianoteq 5!

No matter how good an audio sample may sound, there are always notes that sound synthetic and with instruments like a grand piano subtleties and musicality are inevitably lost. It’s a problem that can be solved by not sampling an instrument but using true physical modelling. That’s what Pianoteq from French company Modartt seeks out to do — and from what I’ve experienced: with success.