Month: April 2016

sketchbook 8 pro

SketchBook 8: a Pro membership is really worth it

Autodesk is synonym with AutoCAD and the Maya 3D animation software, but the company also has one of the best sketching and painting applications money can buy. Currently in its eight reincarnation and available under the terms of a yearly subscription fee of some 20 Euros, SketchBook Pro 8 is a dream for designers, artists and people who like to make their inspiration flow by doodling.

rampant design arrow

Rampant Design’s 4K collection impresses

I reviewed Rampant Design’s stuff a couple of years ago, when 4K was still a dream. Today, Rampant Design has a huge collection of 2K, 4K and 5K clips that can be used as effects. I tried a large random selection, including the muzzle flashes and smoke. If you’re still working with HD, the Rampant Design’s effect clips are even more effective as they are fully scalable and can be transformed and moved around at will.

mcallouts tech for Final Cut Pro X

mocha powered mCallouts Tech call out fastest

MotionVFX already had Simple Callouts for Final Cut Pro X. Now they also have mCallouts Tech, a more technically inspired set of callouts. Both products are based on mocha Pro tracking functionality. Because of that, the mCallouts Tech reminded me of CoreMelt’s TrackX capabilities, but there’s a difference: mCallouts is limited to one purpose, but better at that.