Ulysses, the text editor that works with whatever Apple platform you own

ulysses 2.5

Ulysses for Mac is simply gorgeous, blends in with El Capitan completely and has minimal design written over every aspect of its interface. The sheet of paper concept that you’ll find in MS Word has been abandoned. Instead, Ulysses gives you a perpetual writing environment. Ulysses has a toolbar that only slides down when you need it. There are screen modes that make everything disappear from vision, except your text and the blinking cursor. In short, Ulysses will never sit in the way of the two things you need to focus on: your thoughts and the sentences into which they are converted.

ulysses 2.5

Under the hood there is full synchronisation with Ulysses for iOS. iCloud synchronisation was a bit slow until update 2.5 came along. On my iPad, Ulysses is nothing short of perfect. It supports writing short stories with as much comfort as long reads. The iPad version shares all of its features — and behaves the same way — with its Mac counterpart. If you know Ulysses for Mac you will know Ulysses for iPad after spending ten minutes with it.

With version 2.5, Ulysses got optimised for iPad Pro and iPad Air 2, offering support for Split View and Slide Over, basically multitasking functionality like what you’re used to on the Mac. It allows you to look up information and immediately incorporate it in the text you’re writing. Ulysses also integrates a Share Extension, allowing users to send content from third party apps — like texts, photos or links — directly to Ulysses.


You can even work in full screen mode on the iPad like what you can on the Mac and sort your sheets — even on a per-group basis. Exporting is equally impressive, with the ability to publish directly to Medium or a website from the iPad version of Ulysses without having to first sync with the Mac and then upload the page from the Mac.

Ulysses is the ultimate text and MarkDown editor. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself and be sure to have a go at importing and exporting .docx files, sending your text to Marked 2 for language analysis and more design options, or sending your text directly to Medium.

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