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KeyFlow Pro 1.2 Media Asset Manager delivers the goods

After the team that developed KeyFlow Pro, the single-user-to-small-workgroup Media Asset Management (MAM), released the first update that included expanded metadata and better search capabilities, they have now released a second free update. The new version has a whole range of improvements and new features. These turn KeyFlow Pro into a real MAM, with a healthy emphasis on video.

One of the features I wanted to see added to KeyFlow Pro was support for ingesting videos, audio and images directly into Final Cut Pro X from within the KeyFlow Pro interface. Well, that’s been included in this update. Final Cut Pro X does report a problem with the XML file being generated for the purpose but your clips do get ingested and can be used normally, so I guess the XML error isn’t serious.

keyflow pro 1.2

You ingest an asset by selecting it first and then select the ‘Send to Final Cut Pro X’ option from the context menu.

The metadata expansion from last update is impressive. I didn’t report on the first update and perhaps I should have. You can now use EXIF, IPTC, Final Cut Pro X and custom-made metadata, and even search for some metadata.

Version 1.2 has and improved Video Player. It looks awesome, has support for Timecode and Frame number counting and adds a Timecode Viewer — a large floating panel that shows the Timecode counter. The Viewer is available by hitting Ctrl-T on the Mac’s keyboard. This means you can have a small frame counter as well as the Timecode shown in the Video Player. The current Playback status is shown in an Overlay window in the top left corner. The Player supports J-K-L shortcut keys for playback control and up to 16x normal speed. And you can play frame by frame using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

keyflow pro 1.2 media asset manager encoding types for prores

Furthermore, you can insert a Timecode Track if the source video has one. Version 1.2 improves Hi-res Video encoding and supports all types of ProRes (using AVFoundation) except for ProRes 4444 XQ. There are improved Encoder settings and moreVideo and Audio bitrate options to choose from.

keyflow pro media asset manager encoding resolutions

The Audio Player has been improved as well. It now supports Album Artwork and downmixes Multichannel audio.

It’s interesting to see how much work the developers have put into their product. I would now recommend KeyFlow Pro to single users as well as for small workgroups, although there’s still room for improvement. However, I think we can safely say Malgn Technology is determined to make KeyFlow Pro as powerful as any MAM.