Elgato’s EVE learns a few exciting new tricks

Elgato’s EVE is, as you know, a Home Kit system for iOS 8.4 and later. On my iPad Air 2 it runs on iOS 9.x and I’m very happy with its performance and feature set. There was one tiny thing that I wanted, though and the latest update of the EVE app has finally made me one perfectly happy chap.

With the previous big update, the EVE app gained a list of the actual measurements, but here wasn’t much you could do with it, except remove data. With this morning’s update, however, you can export EVE’s data list to any number of formats using the Share button. You can copy the data to your iOS device’s Numbers app or send it to your Mac via AirDrop (or Transmit…).

That’s brilliant news for nerds like myself, who like to analyse data, especially air quality data as it can reveal patterns (no such luck where I am located so far, but I can’t really complain about the air quality in my region, either). If you’re interested in comparing data from different sensors, you might also use the Compare feature that was already available in the previous update.

Some details in the interface have been updated as well. I can’t say they’re huge improvements as I found the app’s design nicely done from the start. Anyway, for those of us who want it, it’s possible now to use EVE as a basic environment monitoring and analysis system.

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