1Password for Mac is now at version 6

safari extension 1password

I’ve only recently grown accustomed to version 5 and here pops up version 6 already, and I love it from the first moment. Agilebits just updated 1Password and it has more power than ever to keep all your digital data secure. I would dare to go as far as to claim that if you’re not using 1Password, you’re using the wrong app for creating and securely saving passwords, credit card and passport data and so much more (review here).

The new version is marketed as an update and it is free, but it has a couple of very interesting new features that would justify it to be called an upgrade. First new feature in this league is the new trick the Password Generator learned: use real words instead of characters that don’t make sense. Creating a word-based password is done in the same Password Generator interface as before. The dialogue now has two tabs of which one allows you to create passwords using random dictionary words (up to ten of them) and one of a range of separators.

The next big thing — literally — is that you can now reveal your passwords in big type. It’s not just big type, as you can see from the screenshot below.

1Password large type for revealing passwords

With 1Password 5 came the ability to create multiple vaults. That was great. I tried that new feature for a few months, but quickly grew tired of having to switch between vaults. It looked like a great way to organise secure data, but not to use it. In 1Password 6 your app opens all vaults on unlocking the main application by default. If you don’t want that to happen, you can exclude vaults from the view. That’s multiple vaults made a lot easier.

The extensions have a nice new icon when searching multiple vaults as well.

safari extension 1password

A new Save Login window that is more intelligent than last version’s is also on the menu. You get a lot more options to save new logins as well.

1password login save

Another welcome improvement that was out of Agilebits’ control is the iCloud sync capability. Previously, you could only enjoy iCloud sync if you purchased from the Mac App Store. Not anymore, you don’t. Apple changed its policy and 1Password now enables you to sync even if you have a copy purchased through the Agilebits store.

There’s a lot more to the new version. 1Password for Teams passwords, for example, can be added to your copy. It’s also possible to set up a Teams-only mode during setup. I couldn’t test this feature as I’m a lone ranger without a Tonto.

The new version of 1Password is once again a major improvement over the last one, and not because it’s stuffed with useless functionality. The 1Password developers so far never stop to amaze me as they keep coming up with real improvements that keep 1Password firmly in the leader’s seat.

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