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Tumult Hype 3.5 Pro web animation app: an upgrade rather than the update it is

Tumult Hype 3.5 animation app

The Hype 3.5 update improves Tumult’s flagship web animation app in many areas and adds new features that would easily justify the term upgrade. The Hype Reflect app was updated to version 2 to keep up with the new features of the design application.

New in Hype 3.5 are Waypoint Actions, Scale transformations, Alpha colours, Drag-select Lock/Visibility states and much more. I tried out the Waypoint Actions first. These allow you to run actions or timelines in response to elements entering the viewport. This allows you to start an animation when the user has scrolled to the point where it makes sense to have the animation started. Scale transformations uses CSS Scale Transforms. These allow you to smoothly resize elements and text. It’s done simply by holding down the Command key.

Tumult Hype 3.5 animation app

Alpha colours enable setting transparency for shape backgrounds, gradients, drop and text shadows using a slider. The command Ignore Pointer Events removes elements from receiving clicks and touches, even when they’re visible. It’s a simple way to ensure that elements underneath will still work. Another great time-saving feature is the ability to just drag over the eye icon in the elements list. Doing so will turn off (and on) the elements dragged over.

Backdrop filters allow you to use blurs and blend effects on layers below the target element. I could see the effectiveness and simplicity of the functionality. The Advanced export capability is a Pro feature and allows you to control exactly which scenes, layouts and resources are exported using slices.

Show/Hide elements enables you to switch the visibility elements with one click, while new keyboard shortcuts are available as well as the ability to hold down the spacebar and other keys while dragging the mouse to pan/zoom in/out. The keyboard shortcuts are not (yet) customisable, though.

Animations should be smoother, layout should be even more flexible now (by turning off all pins) and font selection even more powerful because you now have access to 50K web fonts from Of course, Retina @2x resolution is supported and video, animated GIF and PNG sequences can now run at 50 and 60 frames/second.

Hype 3.5 is now the only animation app of its kind on the Mac platform and it’s looking forward to a bright future. It’s a brilliant app!

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