Month: January 2016

Strata Design 3D CX 8 Winter 2015-2016 release

Strata Design 3D CX 8 Winter 2015-2016 Release renders faster, better, with stage models

Creating 3D models can be quite challenging. Applications like Cinema 4D and Maya are all-round 3D apps. They allow you to create 3D worlds and animations that can be used just as effectively in a game as in a presentation or blockbuster movie. Strata Design 3D CX 8.1.0, the Winter 2015-2016 release I got to review, is more focused on presenting 3D model design — objects, products, architecture, interior design… — in the most realistic and efficient way. The app has a learning curve, but it sure isn’t as steep as Maya’s or Cinema 4D’s.

Time tracking with Minco 2

If you’re a freelance, a time tracking app to prepare for your invoices is a must-have unless you never bother to see how much time you spend on tasks. And if you ever find yourself calculating a time-based fee, a time tracking app should really be capable to automatically add up the numbers for invoicing. A small Mauritius-based team of developers may have the time-tracking app you’re looking for. Minco 2 lives in your menu bar, has a small memory footprint and tracks time as none other.

KeyFlow Pro 1.2 Media Asset Manager delivers the goods

After the team that developed KeyFlow Pro, the single-user-to-small-workgroup Media Asset Management (MAM), released the first update that included expanded metadata and better search capabilities, they have now released a second free update. The new version has a whole range of improvements and new features. These turn KeyFlow Pro into a real MAM, with a healthy emphasis on video.

safari extension 1password

1Password for Mac is now at version 6

I’ve only recently grown accustomed to version 5 and here pops up version 6 already, and I love it from the first moment. Agilebits just updated 1Password and it has more power than ever to keep all your digital data secure. I would dare to go as far as to claim that if you’re not using 1Password, you’re using the wrong app for creating and securely saving passwords, credit card and passport data and much more.

Exposure X

Exposure X photo manager and editor review

The newest version of Alien Skin’s Exposure is a stand-alone app as well as a Photoshop plug-in. Exposure X has a photo manager and comes with metadata functionality. Its editing capabilities are as strong as they’ve always been. Sadly the plug-in isn’t available for Affinity Photo, nor for Apple’s Photos app. Exposure X has some nifty management and editing features, but it won’t yet replace your Lightroom or Capture One Pro software.

Tumult Hype 3.5 animation app

Tumult Hype 3.5 Pro web animation app: an upgrade rather than the update it is

The Hype 3.5 update improves Tumult’s flagship web animation app in many areas and adds new features that would easily justify the term upgrade. The Hype Reflect app was updated to version 2 to keep up with the new features of the design application. New in Hype 3.5 are Waypoint Actions, Scale transformations, Alpha colours, Drag-select Lock/Visibility states and much more. I tried out the Waypoint Actions first. These allow you to run actions or timelines in response to elements entering the viewport. This allows you to start an animation when the user has scrolled to the point where it makes sense to have the animation started. Scale transformations uses CSS Scale Transforms. These allow you to smoothly resize elements and text. It’s done simply by holding down the Command key. Alpha colours enable setting transparency for shape backgrounds, gradients, drop and text shadows using a slider. The command Ignore Pointer Events removes elements from receiving clicks and touches, even when they’re visible. It’s a simple way to ensure that elements underneath will still work. Another great time-saving …