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3D Titles in Final Cut Pro X made easy with FxFactory Funtextic

Funtextic helps you create dynamic 3D titles fast and with minimal effort in Final Cut Pro X. But if you want to have total control over the end-result, there’s nothing to prevent you from tampering with a dazzling array of parameters, including the Final Cut Pro X 3D text settings themselves.


Funtextic is a new FxFactory plug-in that fully integrates with the 3D text capabilities of Final Cut Pro X. You can do everything Funtextic does on your own, using Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X. But you’ll spend a good deal of time to get the results you want unless you’re an animation pro. Funtextic, on the other hand, allows you to create professional looking results in less than 15 minutes.

funtexticFuntextic starts out with a default 3D title (metallic) and default animation. The plug-in has a parameter overlay in the preview window and an impressive list of configurable parameters that are collapsed when you start out. Simplicity and a quick way to create a compelling 3D title is what Funtextic seems to be all about.

Until you start digging deeper, that is. Yes, you can start with the default settings and you’ll end up with a good looking 3D title animation, but even without ever going into the parameters in the Inspector, you can change the behaviour of the animation in significant areas. For example, where do you want the title to start, how small should it be, where does it end, how will it morph across the frame, etc — it’s all a matter of choosing options from lists right within the preview window.

If you want to create something truly unique, you’ll want to take a closer look at the Inspector. There you’ll find a good deal of sliders and checkbox selections you can change to further customise results. If you don’t mind experimenting or learning a bit, you’ll soon be able to create stunning 3D text animations.

At first I thought the plug-in stopped here and did not offer an option to change the title itself, but after expanding all of the parameter sections, I found everything is possible. Funtextic does have a section that lets you change the title characteristics inside Final Cut Pro X. It lets you use the already built-in Final Cut Pro X 3D title Inspector from within the plug-in.


One piece of advice when you start using Funtextic if you’re not an experienced animation artist: I found it best to apply small changes and quickly scrub through the clip to see the results after every adjustment. Big changes often lead to results that are too dramatic to be of any use — if you’re after a polished look, that is.

Funtextic is not just fun, it’s also the best way to create and animate Final Cut Pro X’s 3D titles. It costs approx. €45.00.

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