Video screening with MarkX 3.0, now with built-in player, Premiere Pro and FCP7 support

MarkX 3.0 player

MarkX 3.0, the app that enables you to add To-Do markers to Final Cut Pro X footage in batch, is a huge step forward from the previous version. It can now work with XML files generated by Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro. It has a built-in movie player so you can locally screen any type of video file that you can play on your Mac — but also Vimeo and Youtube files. Finally, MarkX 3 enables you to share markers as text files to the desktop or a mounted network volume, and via Mail, Messages, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

MarkX 3.0 player

When I reviewed MarkX 2.0, I saw the potential for the app to be used as a screening application. Small workgroups could screen a movie but not without all of the members having to work with Final Cut Pro X. That limitation has become a thing of the past. With MarkX 3, you have a unified tool to screen footage, even if you live thousands of miles apart. All you need to do is export your draft to Vimeo or Youtube and send the URL to the editor. The latter opens the URL inside MarkX 3 and has a basic player to start commenting, adding to-dos, etc.

Mark X 3 share menu

I didn’t try the FCP 7 capability as I no longer have a copy installed on any of my systems, but I did try it with Premiere Pro and it works like a charm. Given that many people still prefer Premiere Pro to Final Cut Pro X, MarkX’s user base will dramatically expand.

The export features are a dream come true as well. Saving the markers to a text file locally was something that I found lacking in the first version. If you want to take a break and secure your work up to that time, you needed to copy the markers in MarkX 2.x to the desktop or a text editor. Now you can just save it to a text file that you can open with any text editor. Victor Gusev, the developer of MarkX, has even added comments to the file so you can’t forget which footage it belongs to.

MarkX 3 exports to text files

With all these improvements and new features, I was expecting an upgrade price, but much to my surprise the upgrade is free for existing users. MarkX 3.0 is simple but incredibly useful and it’s not expensive either at €29.

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