Month: November 2015

MarkX 3.0 player

Video screening with MarkX 3.0, now with built-in player, Premiere Pro and FCP7 support

MarkX 3.0, the app that enables you to add To-Do markers to Final Cut Pro X footage in batch, is a huge step forward from the previous version. It can now work with XML files generated by Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro. It has a built-in movie player so you can locally screen any type of video file that you can play on your Mac — but also Vimeo and Youtube files. Finally, MarkX 3 enables you to share markers as text files to the desktop or a mounted network volume, and via Mail, Messages, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

switch 2 interface

Video quality control app Switch 2 shows GOP structure, VANC data

Telestream Switch 2 is the new version of the screening, quality control and desktop conversion player. It’s a major upgrade with must-have features and improvements. Video editors will love the new timeline with its capability to view a clip’s GOP structure. Switch 2 also enables you to view VANC (Vertical Ancillary) data on an external monitor, jump to any point in your video, play clips better and decode WMV files.

powergorilla in action

Gorillas power your equipment with green energy

I have been wanting to review Powertraveller’s professional power solutions for quite some time because to me their equipment seems to be the most effective way to power all your photo and video equipment — from 5V to 24V. And now it has finally happened: here’s a go at the Powergorilla and Solargorilla, the two most powerful rugged power devices in the Powertraveller product range. The Powergorilla is a 21000mAh battery that will charge your laptop and anything else that works on 5V to 24V. The Solargorilla is a foldable solar panel that can charge the Powergorilla or power anything that runs on on 5V or 20V. Both have the size of about an iPad, only about twice as thick.


mMorphCut creates jumpless transitions in Final Cut Pro X

When I heard about the Final Cut Pro X transition plug-in mMorphCut, I initially thought of a plug-in that could do morphing between two completely different subjects. The plug-in turned out to be far more useful. In their demo movie, MotionVFX’s CEO explains why you would want to have it. And I can assure you, if you have ever shot an interview you’ll definitely want this plug-in.