The unexpected uses of Dinkum Systems’ accessories

Rhino Slider EVO

The more I use the Dinkum Systems accessories, the more I get excited about using their gear. I’ve compiled a short list of where the use of these clamps and mounts made working with photography and video equipment easier for me. In some cases, I couldn’t have shot a photo or clip without these clamps/mounts at all.

The first situation where I’ve been using ActionPods and ActionPod Pros is where I simply couldn’t squeeze in a tripod. When I have to work in cramped spaces or even when I lack a surface where I can securely mount a tripod — including fixing a Joby Gorillapod — I can still clip on an ActionPod to hold a speedlight or videolamp.

Rhino Slider EVO

In my “studio” I don’t have space enough to mount a proper blue screen. The only place where I could install one is behind where I have my video camera mounted on a 60cm slider, but there are bookshelves along the wall. So I purchased a roll of blue screen cloth, stuck a metal bar inside the roll and now fix the whole thing to one of the shelves using rope and two ActionPod Pro clamps. I can now simply roll down the blue screen when I need it and when I want to clear the shelves completely, I only have to remove the ActionPods.

If you have a “real” photo studio, you can mount speedlights on light stands. The price of those stands add on quickly if you need five or more of them to mount flashes as well as LED lamps. For the price of two light stands — barely 160 Euros — I can buy five ActionPods and mount the lamps and speedlights where I want them. Positioning and aiming the lights is easier too.

Finally, I use Dinkum Systems mounts as a cheap and quick alternative to a camera rig, using a 25cm long Arca-style QR plate. The only thing that you need to keep an eye on when using the ActionPods like this is the weight of the material you mount.

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