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FxFactory lets you easily add plug-ins to your favourite video editor. Most of the high-quality plug-ins that are available in FxFactory support Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Motion and After Effects. Many plug-ins, like Yanobox Nodes, are truly unique, while FxFactory Pro enables you to develop your own effects. But what makes FxFactory really effective is that you can manage your plug-ins in a simple and easy way.

When you launch FxFactory, you’re actually launching a video effects plug-in store, update service and management interface — all rolled into one app. The appeal of FxFactory lies in having a huge collection of high-quality video effects, generators and transitions in one place. The FxFactory Featured and Catalog tabs are aimed at plug-in buyers. Here you can easily buy the plug-ins you want, or install the free plug-ins FxFactory regularly offers.


The Installed tab contains a list of all your installed plug-ins. Next to each plug-in icon you’ll find a check box to activate or de-activate the plug-in, and an Info button that takes you to an information screen. Information within FxFactory includes platforms supported by the plug-in, as well as links to online videos and user guides published by the developers. The Updates tab holds plug-ins that are updated. When you’re in a different tab, the Updates tab will glow if updates are available.

The best part of FxFactory is that you can have a few dozen plug-ins at your fingertips without the need to load all of them in your editor. By unchecking plug-ins you only occasionally need, you can speed up your editor’s startup time considerably. When you do need that one plug-in, you just check it in FxFactory, relaunch your editor and have it available to you.

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