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Learn how the pros shoot portraits, fashion and more using a portable studio kit

If you have visited this site before, you’ll know I have reviewed portable studio gear and have been impressed with the quality and flexibility of the ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender product range. In addition, and being a keen strobist myself, I am always on the lookout for how-tos and tutorials with lighting schemas so I can learn from the pros. ExpoImaging has a brilliant video channel where you can learn how to set up proper lighting for the most demanding type of photography: portraits and fashion.

Anyone can shoot a high-key photo, but few photographers succeed in creating drama or motion. The ones who can are masters at using light, effectively adding an emotion component to the image. Except for an eye for drama, they learned to see how lighting equipment should be positioned to translate their inner eye’s vision into an image that tells a story.

rogue flashbenders

Your eye for drama may not be as strong as that of Frank Doorhof, Lindsay Adler or Erik Valind, but by studying their photography, you can learn a lot. Obviously, these visionaries explaining how they inject an emotional charge into their photos will teach you more than any book on studio lighting ever will.

The best part of these series is that none of these top photographers are showing you how to use $5000-each studio lights to achieve gorgeous results, but Rogue FlashBenders, plain speedlights, silver reflectors and cardboard backgrounds. Probably the most expensive piece of kit in these videos are the light stands they’re using.

Rogue FlashBender setting
A setup with Rogue FlashBender gear as explained in the Rogue videos.

Besides showing you the exceptional results you can achieve with low-cost, transportable gear, the Rogue Lighting videos show that a perfect photo is more about knowing how to get the most out of your kit, than it is about having the most expensive kit in the market.