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FxFactory introduces the Luca Visual FX Shuffle transition plug-in for Final Cut Pro X

FX Shuffle

The Cross Dissolve transition may be the most commonly used but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any that are more exciting and fun. FxFactory seems to think so, anyway, and it promptly introduced the Final Cut Pro X FX Shuffle effect. This new transition lets you create a transition effect with five clips all shuffled from one clip to another.

FX ShuffleYou probably won’t use Luca Visual FX Shuffle with a movie documenting the quietness of natural landscapes. Shuffle effects need a bit of action to come into their own. It’s one of those effects that suits car chases, sports events, etc. The Luca Visual FX Shuffle introduced by FxFactory is a shuffle transition that takes clips in five drop zones and shuffles them across a two-second transition. The drop zones can be individually scaled, the dropped clips can be tinted, and saturation and exposure can be customised for all of them at once. You can set a prism and a motion blur and an incoming clip blur.

I first tried the new transition with default values for the plug-in, i.e. five clips — one for each drop zone — and no change of any setting. That worked fine, but I found the two seconds quite slow (!) because in my opinion you want to suggest frenzy action with this transition effect. My first adjustment therefore was to speed up the transition by shortening it to 1.5 seconds at most. That seemed to do the trick.

I subsequently tampered with all the sliders, setting a prism blur, turning off the Tint, changing the Hue, etc. Those experiments led me to the conclusion you can get the effect you’re after whatever that may be.

But what if you don’t want to have five clips in the transition? There’s no button to turn off drop zones, so all five shuffle clips will always show up in your transition, with the empty one’s displaying their ugly placeholders. It turns out the scaling feature of every drop zone can be used to get rid of one or more shuffle clips if that’s what you want. I just set the scale of the two last zones to zero and the placeholders didn’t show up. Best of all, I didn’t have the impression they took time once their scale was set to zero either.

So, in short: FxFactory once again has a winning transition effect on its hands. FX Shuffle costs approx. €26.00.

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