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Coremelt updates and adds features to SliceX and TrackX plug-ins

SliceX extra

When Coremelt released its range of plugins for Final Cut Pro X that were based on mocha tracking technology, the company almost experienced a meltdown as a result of the enthusiasm with which the FCPX community jumped on the plugins. Finally, mocha’s topnotch functionality would be available in a plugin everybody could use. After SliceX came Lock & Load and TrackX, but the three plugins didn’t gain any extra functionality in the months to come. Until a couple of weeks ago, when Coremelt released the last bunch of updates.

The last update of Lock & Load made the plugin a lot faster… on a new Mac. On my mid-2011 iMac the speed gain is modest. But I must admit it’s time for me to buy a new machine, so any sort of speed gain or the lack of it I’m seeing isn’t worth paying too much attention to.

But, it wasn’t Lock & Load alone that got an update. SliceX received one too. And that one also got new functionality. The last version of SliceX shows a few new settings in the plugin’s core listing, such as the Glow Shape Mask. However, you can find the really juicy stuff in the new list with the name “C2 SliceX Extras”. Here you’ll find mask settings for Boris Continuum effects, Color Finale corrections and grading, and Colorista III grading.

SliceX extra

Shape masked Color Finale correction with pasted tracking data.

I tried the Color Finale and Colorista III masking/trackers. The Color Finale tracker lets you first create your mocha tracking shape. With the same button as in the original Color Finale effect you can then launch Color Finale and start grading the tracked shape only — or the inverted shape. With Colorista III, it’s even easier. The SliceX Extra effect lets you track your shape and then right in the effect itself start grading with the three colour wheels. The new integration between SliceX and effects like these make working with Final Cut Pro X and Coremelt’s plug-ins even more of a no-brainer than before. It also makes Final Cut Pro X even more powerful than it already was.

Coremelt data copying

Copying tracking data and shape data

TrackX received a refresher course earlier in the year. It now has three effects that are available in the Effects browser: track and lockdown, track flare and track flare complex. The three are comparable to the Knoll lighting effects you can create if you’re a subscriber to Red Giant’s Universe. But there’s a difference: Knoll effects are static until you keyframe them, while the tracking capabilities of TrackX make the effects much more easy on the effort and time you’ll spend creating them. A lot of time can be saved using TrackX, certainly with the new Copy/Paste functionality that’s available in TrackX and SliceX (Option-click your shape and you’ll see the menu that accesses this capability).


TrackX Flare

With Apple adding masks and trackers to all effects in FCPX 10.2.x, you could in theory do without Coremelt’s TrackX, SliceX and Lock & Load, but all of the Coremelt plugins have a major benefit: they use the mocha tracking system. That one remains a far more effective tracking technology than the competition’s. Add to that the additional functionality you get from Coremelt’s plug-ins and you’ll know why you need them.

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