Analogue film colour workflows with ImpulZ LUTs

ImpulZ LUTs allow you to replicate the colour processing of a film workflow digitally, with the added convenience and accuracy of open format 3D LUTs. The ImpulZ LUTs package comes with a dazzling array of LUTs, categorised into different camera systems and emulation types. Also delivered with the ImpulZ LUTs package are three types of film grain emulation. Combined with LUT Utility or Color Finale from Color Grading Central, ImpulZ LUTs is a complete colour grading solution that brings the charm of analogue film to digital footage.

Colour LUTs (LookUp Tables) are not meant to change the look-and-feel of your movie. They don’t replace your input as a colour scientist or enthusiast. They don’t colour grade the result. They emulate a colour space and yes, you can use them as a colour grading preset, much like the presets in Magic Bullet Suite 12’s Looks module. But that’s not what they were invented for in the first place.

Want to read more? Here’s the link to the original “Emulate analogue film colour workflows accurately with ImpulZ LUTs“.

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