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motionVFX’s mTransition simplepack minimalist transitions set has great appeal


Known for its Final Cut Pro X templates and effects, motionVFX has released a set of 50 transitions, mTransition simplepack. As the name says, these are minimalist design transitions. The set contains some nicely designed effects with about half of them truly unique. The other half of the set can be categorised as variations on existing transitions from Apple and other transition effects developers.

Designing truly unique transition effects for Final Cut Pro X is no small feat. The market is over saturated, with Red Giant Software, Crumplepop, Apple and FxFactory developers all fighting for a piece of the cake. mTransition simplepack is a viable alternative for many of these developers’ transitions. Most of them have a minimalist design as the web page states, but some 20 are not minimalist at all.


I tried all of them on the timeline with real shots and found some real gems among the 50 transitions in the pack. For example, the Typography transition makes clever use of a typographic trick that I haven’t seen anywhere else in transition packs: a sort of word cloud mixing the two clips together.

Another sophisticated transition that I like very much is the Menu transition. Again, not to be found anywhere else, this one lets you fill in a few words related to each clip with the transition itself switching the titles or definitions during the transition in a clever and appealing way. Another one is Page Curl Spin, which is a variation on the traditional page curl effect, and a very nice one at that.

mTransition simplepack

If motionVFX would charge more than €50.00 for the mTransition simplepack, I would hesitate to recommend it if you already have transition sets. There are also less successful designs in there, such as the Arrows effect. That one is to be taken quite literally: a number of arrows appear and disappear with the transition between the clips. It’s, in my opinion, a bit too minimalistic to be really useful.

However, motionVFX is charging only about €36.00 for the pack, and that’s a nice price for the 20 or so really great transitions in the pack. Besides, the web page of the mTransition simplepack allows you to preview every one of them. You just need to swipe your mouse over the transitions you want to preview — just make sure you allow for enough time to load the effect in your browser. It’s a good way to show you what you’ll get.

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