Month: April 2015

Analogue film colour workflows with ImpulZ LUTs

ImpulZ LUTs allow you to replicate the colour processing of a film workflow digitally, with the added convenience and accuracy of open format 3D LUTs. The ImpulZ LUTs package comes with a dazzling array of LUTs, categorised into different camera systems and emulation types. Also delivered with the ImpulZ LUTs package are three types of film grain emulation. Combined with LUT Utility or Color Finale from Color Grading Central, ImpulZ LUTs is a complete colour grading solution that brings the charm of analogue film to digital footage.

How to optimise your Røde NT-USB for best results

The Røde NT-USB is a USB microphone. USB microphones have one major benefit: you don’t need a driver or an ADC (Analogue-Digital-Converter) to make it work. To get best results from a USB microphone you need to set the gain correctly. The NT-USB has an optimised gain for its internal circuits, but unless you have a loud voice, that gain setting may be too low. Here is how you set it for optimimum results.

ActionPod with cable tie

How to make a basic stabiliser for your GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ or HERO4

Keeping your GoPro HERO3/3+/4 steady is no small feat without some sort of a stabilisation platform. You can buy a gyro-driven gimbal, but that’s expensive. A Steadicam Curve is another, less expensive alternative, but what are your options if you’re somewhere you can’t get either of these? If you’re happy enough to have with you a Dinkum Systems 1/4in ActionPod and a nylon cable tie, you can make your own rudimentary stabiliser.


motionVFX’s mTransition simplepack minimalist transitions set has great appeal

Known for its Final Cut Pro X templates and effects, motionVFX has released a set of 50 transitions, mTransition simplepack. As the name says, these are minimalist design transitions. The set contains some nicely designed effects with about half of them truly unique. The other half of the set can be categorised as variations on existing transitions from Apple and other transition effects developers.