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Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5: Recording audio

sound forge pro instructions

In Sony’s Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5, you can record high-resolution audio quite easily: just assign the hardware, meter the input signals, arm your tracks, and record high-resolution multichannel audio. Route your inputs, position the Record tool, click Record, and you’re off. But there’s more to it than this and it’s actually not that simple.

Sound Forge Pro Mac is a powerful audio editor, but it is not the easiest or most user-friendly one available for OS X. Unfortunately, Apple has not developed Sound Editor further for some years now, so you are stuck with third party sound editors, and Sound Forge Pro Mac is one of the most complete, most powerful. But recording sound is not that straightforward as Sony’s web site would make you believe.

In the following instruction video you will learn:

  • The different methods to record audio
  • The different modes to record
  • How to record takes or straight into new audio files
  • What to watch out for when recording.

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