Month: March 2015

LUT for Kodak Elite cineon applied-1

Emulate analogue film colour workflows accurately with ImpulZ LUTs

ImpulZ LUTs allow you to replicate the colour processing of a film workflow digitally, with the added convenience and accuracy of open format 3D LUTs. The ImpulZ LUTs package comes with a dazzling array of LUTs, categorised into different camera systems and emulation types. Also delivered with the ImpulZ LUTs package are three types of film grain emulation. Combined with LUT Utility or Color Finale from Color Grading Central, ImpulZ LUTs is a complete colour grading solution that brings the charm of analogue film to digital footage.

MailTags, Mail Act-On, OmniFocus project management tutorial

Creating a project management solution with MailTags 4, Mail Act-On 3 and OmniFocus Pro 2

Mailtags allows you to create tags in Apple Mail, which organise projects and tasks with tickle dates and alerts. Mail Act On lets you create rules for messages when you send them, or even before you send them. Finally, OmniFocus manages tasks and projects with or without a GTD background. How do you integrate the Mail plug-ins with OmniFocus 2 Pro to manage your projects is what you’ll learn in this free tutorial.

sound forge pro instructions

Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5: Markers & Regions

Markers and regions allow you to divide a sound file into logical blocks, export into smaller chunks or prepare an audio file for event based editing. Learn how to move regions and create them by making a time selection. Learn how to export the regions list — not the regions themselves — to a text file, using a third party app.

sound forge pro instructions

Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5: Recording audio

In Sony’s Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5, you can record high-resolution audio quite easily: just assign the hardware, meter the input signals, arm your tracks, and record high-resolution multichannel audio. Route your inputs, position the Record tool, click Record, and you’re off. But there’s more to it than this and it’s actually not that simple either. This instruction video explains it all.

Color Finale interface

Color Finale: the first Final Cut Pro X colour correction plug-in for professionals

Colour grading for professionals usually consists of complex stand-alone applications such as Da Vinci Resolve. Few developers make an effort to come up with a truly professional colour grading solution for Final Cut Pro X. Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central did. The result is Color Finale, a plugin specially developed by colour scientists for colour scientists using Final Cut Pro X.

Popchar X 7

PopChar X 7: draw the glyph you’re looking for

The other day I was looking for an app that would show me all the glyphs in a font. I automatically opened Popchar X 6.6 and saw there was a new version available. Just out of interest I decided to see if there weren’t any alternatives and I came back with a big “NO”. Yes, you can view glyphs in font editors and you might even pull it off showing them all inside Suitcase Fusion 6, by spending a few hours typing in all possible keyboard combinations in Suitcase’s paragraph preview. But how efficient would that be? It made one thing clear to me: Popchar X is a must-have if you are a layout, graphic or web designer.

Dinkum Systems clamp with flash

Cling onto your video camera with Dinkum Systems mounting arms and clamps

Dinkum Systems developed flexible mounts, clamps and lens shades for photo and video producers, based on Loc-Line modular hose technology. Loc-Line products were originally applied in the machine tool industry only, but innovative developers like Dinkum Systems expanded the use of this strong and chemical-resistant “ball-in-socket” system to the photo and video studio as well as on the road. Dinkum Systems’ offering is quite a complete line of products and the system itself is extremely robust.