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PhotoSweeper 2 is faster, integrates with Finder and Dock

Photosweeper 2

PhotoSweeper, the image database cleaner app, has been upgraded to version 2. The upgrade is free for existing users and has some nifty new features that make working with it more efficient, more fun and above all: blazingly fast.

Improved and new in PhotoSweeper 2 are:

  • New pixel-perfect user interface
  • Faster, especially noticeable with huge collections (100K+ images), but also with smaller ones like mine
  • Even simpler comparison settings: find duplicates, similar photos, series of shots
  • New View Results modes that allows you to compare and mark photos better with just a click
  • Improved auto-marking
  • Auto-lock folders and rules
  • Integration with Finder and Dock.

I tried PhotoSweeper 2 with my complete collection of 15,000 images and saw a dramatic performance improvement importing and comparing. When the app has finished comparing and auto-marking, you will now end up in a window with a sidebar that contains the marked images with next to it an icon showing the number of probably duplicate or similar photos. At the bottom there’s a pie chart that shows you statistics about the images marked as redundant.

Photosweeper 2

The whole app works in a more user-friendly way. Instead of having to open folders from within the app, you can now simply drag an image or folder to the Dock icon or from the Finder to the PhotoSweeper window. If you drag one image, the app will ask you to open the surrounding folder instead — which will have been selected by the app, waiting for you to confirm it had it right.

I tried dragging a bunch of images from Photo Mechanic 5 to the PhotoSweeper window and the app asked me the same question. When I clicked the Open button, it took me to the correct folder immediately. The sheet that slides down when you click the Compare button now lists options with an easier to understand interface. The interface as a whole seems to have been given a tighter design too. There’s one thing that I would have liked to see in this upgrade, but it’s a minor thing: customising the colours of the pie chart and corresponding icons.

If you don’t already have PhotoSweeper, now is a good time to buy. It’s the only app that is capable of securely cleaning your database in minutes no matter how many photos you have.

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